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"Eres Mi Religion" by Mana, English translation of lyrics

"Eres Mi Religion" (You Are My Religion) by Maná
Album: Revolucíon de Amor

Iba caminando por las calles empapadas en olvido.
Iba por los parques con fantasmas y con ángeles caídos.
Iba sin luz, iba sin sol,
Iba sin un sentido, iba muriéndome.
Iba volando sobre el mar con las alas rotas.

I went* walking through streets soaked in oblivion
I went through parks with ghosts and fallen angels
I went without light, I went without sun,
I went without a feeling, I went dying.
I went flying over the sea on broken wings.

Ay amor, apareciste en mi vida y me curaste las heridas.
Ay amor, eres mi luna, eres mi sol, eres mi pan de cada día

Oh love, you appeared in my life and you cured my wounds
Oh love, you are my moon, you are my sun, you are my bread of every day.

Apareciste con tu luz.
No, nunca te vayas, oh, no te vayas, no
Tú eres la gloria de los dos hasta la muerte.

You appeared with your light
No, never leave, oh, don't leave, no
You are the glory us both until death

En un mundo de ilusión,
Yo estaba desahuciado,
Yo estaba abandonado.
Vivía sin sentido,
Pero llegaste tú.

In a world of illusion
I was hopeless
I was abandoned
I lived without feelings
But (then) you came

Ay amor, tú eres mi religión.
Tú eres luz, tú eres mi sol.
Abre el corazón, abre el corazón.

Oh love, you are my religion
You are light, you are my sun
Open your heart, open your heart

Hace tanto tiempo, corazón,
Vivía en el dolor, en el olvido.
Ay amor, eres mi bendición, mi religión,
Eres mi sol que cura el frío.

So long ago, my heart*,
I lived in pain, in oblivion
Oh love, you are my blessing, my religion
You are my sun that cures the cold

Apareciste con tu luz,
No, no, no me abandones.
No, nunca, mi amor.
Gloria de los dos,
Tú eres sol, tu eres mi todo
Toda tú eres bendición.

You appeared with your light,
No, no, no, don't abandon me
No, never, my love
Glory of us both
You are sun, you are my all
You are blessing.

[CHORUS, then repeat last stanza again]

Viviré siempre a tu lado con tu luz.
Moriré estando a tu lado,
Eres gloria y bendición

I will live forever by your side with your light
I will die by your side
You are glory and blessing

Eres tu mi bendición.
Eres tú mi religión, yee.

You are my blessing*
You are my religion

Eres tú mi eternidad,
Y hasta eres salvación.

You are my eternity
And even my salvation

No tenia nada.
Y hoy te tengo con la gloria,
Con la gloria, con la gloria.
Amor (x5)

I had nothing
And today I have you with glory
With glory, with glory
My love (x5)

Eres tú mi bendición.
Eres mi luz, eres mi sol.

You are my blessing
You are my light, you are my sun.

Translation Notes:
* Iba = yo iba = I went (imperfect tense), I used to go.

* Yo estaba desahuciado = I was hopeless

desahuciar = 1) to take away all hope from someone, 2) medical term: to admit that a patient has no hope of recovery, 3) landlord term: to dismiss the renter, to evict

* Hace tanto tiempo, corazón = It's been so much time, my heart

corazón = lit. heart (affectionate term for a person)

* Eres tu mi bendición. = You are my blessing.

Why "eres tu" instead of "tu eres"?
It adds emphasis. The syntax sounds like this: It is you, my blessing.

Watch and Listen:

Official music video at YouTube. And another.
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