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"La Llave De Mi Corazón" by Juan Luis Guerra, complete English translation of bilingual version

"The Key to my Heart"
Album: La Llave De Mi Corazon (The Key to My Heart), 2007
Style: Bilingual version of a merengue/pop hit.
About: The album won six Latin Grammy Awards in 2007, including “Album of the Year,” and this song won “Song of the Year.” The album also won “Best Traditional Tropical Latin Album”. Some of the English is in italics because it’s part of the original song and not a translation. I tried not to repeat English parts too much.
Country: Dominican Republic
Listen: YouTube

Buenas noches damas y caballeros*
Demos la bienvenida a
Juan Luis Guerra Y Cuatro Cuarenta

Good evening ladies and gentlemen
Let's give a (warm) welcome to
Juan Luis Guerra And Cuatro Cuarenta*

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Yo escuchaba el otro día
Una emisora radial
Un siquiatra, Doctor Luis
Daba consejo matrimonial

I was listening the other day (to)
A radio transmission*
A psychiatrist, Doctor Luis
Was giving marriage advice

Marqué 305 594 1185
(Three o' five, five ninety-four eleven eighty-five)
Hey doc, le llamo por una amiga
Que conocí en un web site

I dialed 305 594 1185
(Three o' five, five ninety-four eleven eighty-five)
Hey doc, I'm calling you about a friend
Who I met on a website

Le pido que me de solución
Pues tiene la llave de mi corazón

I ask you to give me a solution
Because she has the key to my heart

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Yo soy de Ciudad Nueva* y ella es
De San Pedro de Macorís, you know
Tierra de peloteros, where Sammy Sosa lives

I'm from New (Orleans) City and she is
From San Pedro de Macorís, you know
Land of ball players, where Sammy Sosa lives

Le gusta beber jugo de papaya con anís
Y narrar telenovelas
But love is blind as you can see

She likes to drink papaya juice with anise flavoring
And to narrate soap operas
But love is blind as you can see


Sólo quiero que me beses como besas tú.
I only want you to kiss me the way you kiss

You know I can't stop loving you, babe

I said mambo
Love me, yeah (x2)

Confirme su autoestima
Confirm your self-esteem

Make a point, you're on the air

Que usted quiere que haga yo
Debo aprender español
Y bailar con un pie
Hasta que me dé su amor

[Continue at, the new site. Read translation notes there also!]
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