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"Labios Rotos" by Zoe, English translation of lyrics

"Broken Lips", 2010
Style: Alternative, psychedelic rock with trance influence
Album: Lucha Rock (Battle Rock), 2012
Country: Mexico


Zoé is a Mexican psychedelic rock group that utilizes string instruments, slow drum beats, and a xylophone. Labios Rotos ("Broken Lips") is a short little love song asking a lover for their damaged lips, promising to care for them. Listen to it at YouTube here.

Also, today is Mexico independence day! It is not May 5th; tell your friends. Yesterday marked the independence day of several South American countries. Yesterday also began Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 - October 15) in the United States, proclaimed by President Lyndon B. Johnson and approved by Congress in 1968. See the website for statistics on the Latino/Hispanic population.

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Regalame tu corazón y dejame entrar
A ese lugar... donde nacen las flores,
Donde nace el amor.

Give me your heart and let me enter [*lit. Gift me your heart...; regalar = to gift]
That place... where the flowers are born,
Where love is born.

Entregame tus labios rotos; los quiero besar,
Los quiero curar... los voy a cuidar
Con todo mi amor.

Give me your broken lips; I want to kiss them, [*entregar = to give; to hand over; to deliver]
I want to heal them… I am going to take care of them
With all my love.

Es raro el amor, aaah, (x2)
Que se te aparece cuando menos piensas.

Love is strange, aaah, (x2) [*alt. love is rare/weird]
It appears to you when you least expect it.

Es raro el amor, aaah, (x2).
No importa la distancia, ni el tiempo ni la edad!

Love is strange, aaah, (x2)
It doesn’t matter the distance, nor the time, nor the age!

Moja el desierto de mi alma con tu mirar,
Con tu tierna voz... con tu mano en mi mano
Por la eternidad.

Wet the desert of my soul with your gaze,
With your tender voice… with your hand in my hand
For eternity.


Amor, amor, amor…

Love, love, love….

Translation Notes:

labios rotos
broken lips [*lit.]
split lips [*alt.]


Es raro el amor que se te aparece cuando menos piensas.
It’s rare, the love that appears to you when you least expect it.
It’s strange, for love appears to you when you least expect it. [*alt.]

aparecer (verb) = to appear
aparecerse (verb) = to make itself appear

cuando menos piensas = when you least expect it; *lit. when you least think
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