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"Depende" by Jarabe de Palo, English translation of lyrics

"It Depends"
Album: Depende, 1998
Style: Mellow pop/rock
Country: Spain (Barcelona)


This is a mellow song about life. The lyrics are well-metered and the title is repeated a lot, making it slightly hypnotic in the background. Listen at YouTube here.

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Que el blanco sea blanco,
Y que el negro sea negro.
Que uno y uno sean dos,
Porque exactos son los números.

Let white be white,
And black be black.
Let one plus one be two,
Because numbers are exact.


It depends.

Que aquí estamos de presta'o',
Que el cielo está nubla'o,
Que uno nace y luego muere,
Y este cuento se ha acaba'o.

Because we are here on a loan, [*meaning: life is temporary]
Because the sky is cloudy,
Because one is born and then one dies,
And this story has ended.

Depende. ¿De qué depende?
De según como se mire, todo depende.


It depends.
It depends. What does it depend on?
For depending on how things look, everything depends.

Que bonito es el amor,
Más que nunca en primavera,
Que mañana sale el sol
Porque estamos en agosto.

Because love is lovely,
Especially during spring, [*lit. More than ever during spring]
Because the sun rises tomorrow
Because we are in August.


It depends.

Que con el paso del tiempo,
El vino se hace bueno.
Que to' [todo] lo que sube, baja,
De abajo arriba y de arriba abajo.

Because with the passage of time,
Wine becomes good.
Because everything that goes up, comes down,
From the bottom to the top, and from the top to the bottom.

[Chorus: "Depende. Depende. ¿De qué depende?"]

Que no has conocido a nadie
Que te bese como yo.
Que no hay otro hombre en tu vida
Que de ti se beneficie.

Because you have not met anyone
Who kisses you like me.
Because there is no other man in your life
Who benefits from you.


It depends.

Y si quiere decir sí
Cada vez que abres la boca,
Que te hace muy feliz
Que sea el día de tu boda.

And if you want to say yes
Every time you open your mouth,
Because they make you very happy
That it be your wedding day.

[Chorus: "Depende. Depende. ¿De qué depende?"]

Translation Notes:

Que no hay otro hombre en tu vida que de ti se beneficie.

Because there is no other man in your life who benefits from you.
Because there is no other man in your life that benefits (himself) from you. [*lit.]

I think beneficiarse de (alguien) [to benefit from (someone)] here is supposed to mean some sort of lovey-dovey relationship thing, and not sound like a weird innuendo. It does sound like innuendo, though, at least sometimes.
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