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"Que Te Vaya Bonito" by Jose Alfredo Jimenez, English translation of lyrics

"May Things Go Beautifully For You"
Style: Sorrowful mariachi love song
Country: Mexico


This is a post-breakup song, with the narrator wishes his former lover nothing but good things. It sounds like he ended the relationship due to outside circumstances. The song was used for a 1978 Mexican film, but there is little information available online. Listen to the song at YouTube here.

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Ojalá que te vaya bonito.
Ojalá que se acaben tus penas,
Que te digan que yo ya no existo,
Y conozcas personas más buenas....

I hope that things go beautifully for you.
I hope that your sorrows end,
That they tell you that I no longer exist,
And that you meet better people...

...Que te den lo que no pude darte,
Aunque yo te haya dado de todo.
Nunca más volveré a molestarte.
Te adore, te perdí, ya ni modo.

...Who give you what I couldn't give you,
Even though I gave you (of) everything.
I will never bother you again.
I adored you, I lost you, oh well now.

¿Cuántas cosas quedaron prendidas
Hasta dentro del fondo de mi alma?
¿Cuantas luces dejaste encendidas?
Yo no sé como voy a apagarlas.

How many things were kept lit
Deep inside at the bottom of my soul?
How many lights did you leave turned on?
I don't know how I will turn them off.

Ojalá que mi amor no te duela,
Y te olvides de mi para siempre.
Que se llenen de sangre tus venas
Y conozcas una vida de suerte.

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Really big thanks for the translation!
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