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"Ojos de Cielo" by El Sueño de Morfeo, English translation of lyrics

"Sky Eyes" / "Heavenly Eyes"
Album: El Sueño de Morfeo
Country: Spain

Juegan los momentos
Heridas sin palabras
Heridas con palabras
Sin apenas decir nada

The moments play
Wounds without words
Wounds with words
After hardly saying anything

Apenas dices nada
Y nada es suficiente
Piensa que es demente
Hacer caso a la gente

You barely say nothing
And nothing is enough
(He) thinks it's stupid (crazy)
To pay attention to people

Y yo
Si tú no estás
Ya no se estar

And me
If you are not around
I do not know how to exist

Si alguna vez
Te hice llorar, ojos de cielo
Si alguna vez
Robe de tus labios un te quiero
Perdóname, perdóname

Forgive me
If once
I made you cry, heavenly eyes (sky eyes)
Forgive me
If once
I stole from your lips an I-love-you
Forgive me, forgive me

Sigo tus pisadas
Aunque a veces me pierdo
Me pierdo en mil preguntas
Y siempre acabo huyendo
Por qué salir corriendo
Si te llevo aquí adentro
Hoy te hecho de menos
Pero es que tengo miedo

I follow your steps
Even though sometimes I lose myself
I lose myself in a thousand questions
And I always end up fleeing
Why go off running
If I have you here inside (inside my heart)
Today I've ignored you
But it's because I'm scared


Hoy aunque estés lejos, sigo aquí
Sabes que no puedo, no sin ti

Today even if you're far away, I remain here
You know that I can't, not without you

[Beginning of song again]

[Chorus + 2nd part repeated]

Translation Notes:

* Ojos de Cielo = literally: Eyes of Sky, Eyes of Heaven

It means that someone's eyes have a quality of the sky. They could be blue eyes. They could be clear and beautiful. They could be crying (raining).

* Juegan los momentos = "They play the moments" or "The moments play" or maybe "The moments replay."

* Sin apenas decir nada = Without barely saying anything (lit. nothing)

Watch and Listen:

At YouTube here.
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