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"El Gavilan Pollero" by Pedro Infante, English translation of lyrics

"El Gavilán Pollero" (The Chicken Hawk) sung by Pedro Infante
Style: Ranchera

Se llevó mi polla el gavilán pollero
La pollita que más quiero
Que me sirvan otra copa, cantinero
Sin mi polla yo me muero.


The chicken hawk took my hen
The hen I love the most
Have them pour me another drink, barman
Without my hen, I die

Gavilán, gavilán, gavilán
Te llevaste mi polla, gavilán
Si tu vuelves mi polla para acá
Yo te doy todito el gallinero.

Chicken hawk, chicken hawk, chicken hawk,
You took my hen, chicken hawk
If you return my hen to me
I'll give you the whole chickenhouse!

Gavilán, gavilán, gavilán...

Chicken hawk, chicken hawk, chicken hawk...

Translation Notes:

gavilán = sparrow hawk; hawk; in this case, chicken hawk

pollo = chicken

pollero in "gavilán pollero" refers to a hawk with an appetite for chicken; -ero suffix refers to food or appetite

e.g. "Es muy dulcero" = He's a real sweet tooth (he sure likes candy).

In other cases, -ero suffix can mean "mess"

e.g. "Entré y vi un zapatero" = I walked in and I saw a shoe mess (shoes everywhere!); zapato = shoe

todo = all

todito = all! The diminutive -ito emphasizes "all" by specifying that you really mean all, as in every last bit.

General Notes:

This is a popular Mexican oldie and the title of a film.

Watch and Listen:

Ending movie version at YouTube here.
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